The Best Regional Attorneys in
Roanoke County, Virginia

Experienced Legal Help When You Need It Most

Our experienced attorneys, Stephen M. Maddy and Brandon O. Nester, are here for you with expert legal help when you need it most in Roanoke County courts. We have the skills you need in our practice areas of:

  • Criminal Defense
  • Civil Litigation
  • Business Law
  • Family Law
  • Estate Planning
  • Personal Injury

If you require legal assistance in the Roanoke County area, our office in Roanoke is most convenient. We are a regional law firm, dedicated to serving clients in Roanoke, Bedford, Botetourt, Rockbridge, Henry, Montgomery, Floyd, and Franklin County areas. Our second office location in Rocky Mount serves clients in the Franklin County area.

Experienced Criminal Defense Attorney in Roanoke County

Persons who need an experienced criminal defense attorney in Roanoke County contact Maddy & Nester, PLLC. Attorneys Maddy and Nester have the skills to provide outstanding legal representation for everything from felonies and misdemeanors, to other criminal charges such as burglary, assault, DUI, and other traffic violations.

Top Civil Litigation Attorneys in Roanoke County

If you are looking for the top civil litigation attorneys in Roanoke County, you need look no further than Maddy & Nester, PLLC. We can offer expert advice on civil law matters such as land disputes, landlord/tenant disputes, and breaches of contract. We are the law firm who can get you results with civil litigation in Roanoke County.

Best Business Law Attorneys in Roanoke County

Forming a business in the Roanoke City area is easy with the best business law attorneys at Maddy & Nester, PLLC. We can help with the sale or transfer of a business, and review a variety of contracts and agreements to ensure your rights are protected. Let Attorneys Maddy and Nester provide the expertise you need.

Roanoke County’s Top Family Law Attorneys Are Here for You

Family law can be some of the most difficult and rewarding types of legal experiences. When you and your family need Roanoke County’s top family law attorneys, Stephen M. Maddy and Brandon O. Nester are here for you! Contact us for the best and most compassionate advice you can trust.

Skillful Estate Planning with Ease in Roanoke County

Plan for the future with skillful estate planning and the experienced attorneys at Maddy & Nester, PLLC. Our attorneys can help you in Roanoke County with wills, trusts, insurance, and other areas of estate law. We work with you to put your decisions in action.

Superior Personal Injury Attorneys in Roanoke County

Maddy & Nester, PLLC provides superior personal injury expertise to our clients, whether you have been involved in a slip and fall or other type of accident. Our attorneys can help you get the compensation you need if you have been injured in a vehicle accident or if you may have a wrongful death claim. Contact us for the best legal services on your personal injury matter in Roanoke County.