Criminal Defense

Criminal defense matters come to our attention when clients have been arrested or find that they are being investigated. We defend clients against a range of criminal charges, violent crimes, protective orders, drug charges, driving under the influence (DUI) and other traffic charges, larceny, and more. Contact Maddy & Nester when you need legal services in any of the following Criminal Defense matters:

  • Felonies
  • Misdemeanors
  • Murder
  • Manslaughter
  • Burglary
  • Malicious Wounding
  • Assault & Battery
  • Sex Crimes
  • Drug Charges
  • DUI / DWI
  • Boating DUI
  • Reckless Driving
  • Speeding
  • Traffic Violations
  • Boating Violations

A criminal conviction can have a number of negative effects on your future such as: Fines, penalties, jail time, social stigma, employment difficulties, gun rights, voting rights, housing opportunities, and international travel. Let us work with you to make informed decisions about your rights and to protect your freedom.  it is important that you contact us as soon as possible because failure to seek legal advice immediately could affect the outcome of your case.